Accelerating Innovation……?

What does that even mean these days? Accelerating Innovation. It seems like everywhere we turn, innovation IS accelerating. From self-driving cars to phone watches, almost everything is already wireless and bluetooth – connecting us to any gadget someone can dream. But is it accelerating our LIVES?

Yes, some of it is convenient, and maybe even useful – but what is it GIVING us? Is it only allowing us to be more lazy, more connected, more uninterested in other human beings?  I still remember a time without cell phones, without Google, and without personal PCs in every home.  I remember going to the library to do research for homework, having an alarm clock by the bed, and arranging the antenna on top of the TV. Life wasn’t so bad back then.

Accelerating Innovation to me means that our lives are changed for a purpose.  If I could stay more connected to my family and friends, teach my children the value that comes from anticipation and waiting for something they want, and give back to those in need – Accelerating Innovation would be valuable indeed.

There are companies that keep these same values AND stay on the cutting edge of technology and how it will change lives.  Winwurx, Inc. is one of the companies to watch. They are keeping their finger on the pulse of the legal industry, health industry, and new business platforms. With 2/3 of the world’s data overseas, consumers are rarely aware of where their data is located.  Winwurx is proud of their North Carolina roots and is hitting their stride in the technology community.  Now, this is one company that gets the true concept of ACCELERATING INNOVATION.

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