ATTENTION: Business Owners! Here are 3 Signs it is Time to Update your Website

It is crucial to keep your website up-to-date these days. There are countless websites competing for business, and YOUR website has to stand out. One way to do that is to stay current and relevant. Check out our three tips for snagging those web savvy customers.

YOUR FOOTER IS OUT OF DATE! If a customer clicks on your website, how can they be sure the information is current? When they scroll down and see “Copyright 2013”, this is their first clue to move it right along to a different website. Consumers want- no, they NEED to know that websites are current. For all the outdated website owners out there – There is a very simple fix for this:

<script type=”text/javascript”>

document.write(new Date().getFullYear());


Make sure your footer is not static and driving clients away from your website. Take the time to change it and keep it current. If you use this code it will change the date every year and will show your clients you’re still in business and currently updating your site.

YOUR WEBSITE ISNT RESPONSIVE!  What is responsive? Responsive websites are designed for easy navigation on a desktop, tablet, or phone. When a customer uses their mobile device to view your website and they have to pinch it to be able to see words, or scroll around the page just to find the phone number, they will be frustrated and lose interest quickly. If customers can’t easily navigate your website from their mobile device, your webpage is not “responsive”. In April 2015, Google announced that if a website was not responsive, or “mobile-friendly” it would put below websites that were “mobile-friendly” in searches. How do they do that? Google uses algorithms to impact the searches. The “Panda” algorithm favors sites that have high quality content, and “Penguin” which eliminates sites who use excessive spam. You can test your website to make sure that every page is “mobile-friendly” and Google will give you a usability report to show you how “user friendly”, or not your website actually is for your customers. Sites that are responsive have a better chance of being seen by the user because they will be listed higher on the list in a Google search. Personally, at least 50% of my personal time on the Internet is spent on my mobile phone or tablet. If I come across a site that isn’t responsive or isn’t mobile friendly, I will go back and find one that is easily read on my devices. It saves time and is easier to navigate. Bottom line, its 2015 responsive websites are a necessity, not just a fad.

NO ONE HAS ANY IDEA WHAT YOUR COMPANY DOES! Everyone loves high graphic pictures of nature scenes or really cool shots of people doing really cool things. Unless your company is in nature, or sells nature, you probably shouldn’t use nature pictures. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but keep your graphics relevant to your business. “The Four-Second Test” is a great tool to use for your website. If a man from Mars looks at your website, he should be able to figure out what your company’s goal/purpose is within four seconds. In a day and age where everything is faster, consumers will not spend 10 or 20 seconds trying to determine what you are selling or what information you are providing if you mislead them on your home page. If you have beautiful pictures of nature and a man on a mountain bike going down the Grand Canyon, but you sell styrofoam cups, there is something seriously wrong with your website. Consumer won’t stay very long on your site if the graphics don’t point them in a direction or give them insight into your product. Pictures are great and there are thousands of free stock photos on the Internet; however, focus your graphics to reflect your products or service. Your company website is for your consumer and the site needs to be tailored according to your target audience. So if “the man from Mars” can’t figure out what your company does in four seconds or less it is time to upgrade your website!

by: M. Maddox


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